Release Notes

Breaking changes

As a general rule, we strive to keep backwards compatibility between minor versions (e.g. 5.x to 5.y) so you can upgrade without any configuration file changes or IDP or BPM re-configuration needs.

But in case any backwards compatibility changes come even with minor version upgrade (e.g. 5.0 to 5.1) - we always mention that in Release Notes, so during upgrade - please make sure you have checked Release Notes for any breaking changes.

There are breaking changes between major versions (e.g. 3.x to 5.y), please review all Release Notes for the intermediate version when you upgrade from the older version of the elDoc system to the latest.

General rule: make sure you have a valid backup of the database before performing any upgrade.

elDoc Product Lifecycle and End of Life Policy

elDoc provided with at least 5-year software lifecycle with support and maintenance. As a general rule we provide new releases with backward compatibility and automatic upgrades, what ensures smooth upgrades from any version of the elDoc system to the latest release of the same major version.

VersionFirst ReleaseEnd Of Life
elDoc v5.xMay 2020TBD*

* not early than Q2 2025

Last modified: May 12, 2023