Release Notes - elDoc - Version v5.3.1

3 February 2021


  • [ELDOC-19] - IDP: RecoDebugger should fully support concatenation matrix
  • [ELDOC-424] - CLUSTER: In clustered environment in case LDAP sync enabled on any secondary (not primary) node - sync schedule will not be deployed
  • Mass code refactoring and code optimizations to increase overall performance and optimize memory consumption


  • [ELDOC-423] - Optimizations and refactoring for CRM data storage
  • [ELDOC-426] - CLUSTER: IDP Processing and Conversion schedule switches should work properly when used on secondary (not primary) node(s)
  • [ELDOC-427] - UI performance optimization
  • [ELDOC-435] - Optimizations and refactoring for file attachment storage in the DB
  • [ELDOC-442] - Online document editor: added support for the Restore function
  • [ELDOC-445] - Online document editor: configuration upgrades to the latest version (v6.1)

Last modified: February 08, 2021