Release Notes - elDoc - Version v5.3.0

16 December 2020

New Feature

  • [ELDOC-83] - Add reporting functionality
  • [ELDOC-245] - Optimize RecoForms matching/processing service for more accurate control on the number of parallel threads
  • [ELDOC-249] - Add RegEx tester functionality
  • [ELDOC-259] - Add support for anchor matching using regex
  • [ELDOC-412] - Add functionality for enabling/disabling access rights modification by document initiator


  • [ELDOC-99] - IDP: multiple improvements and modernizations in order to make IDP more robust while processing large document files
  • [ELDOC-277] - Improve filtering capabilities on the logs page
  • [ELDOC-410] - IDP: UX improvements
  • [ELDOC-411] - Optimize performance on Inbox and In work document counters and views


  • [ELDOC-414] - Backward compatibility breaking: Group tags became case-sensitive

IMPORTANT: Notices on backward compatibility changes

This release brings the following backward compatibility changes:

  • Group tags became case-sensitive. After performing upgrade to this version make sure to visit all defined BPM-processes and re-select Groups-by-tags for the processes

New functionality high-lights

The new version elDoc 5.3.0 brings new reporting functionality. Now you can build reports in order to get better overview on the documents in the system, including IDP system utilization for avoiding bottlenecks during processing of high-volume data.

Reporting functionality quick overview

Reporting functionality allows you to build several types of reports, including report for IDP module on system utilization.

Last modified: December 22, 2020