Release Notes - elDoc - Version v5.2.0

19 October 2020

New Feature

  • [ELDOC-327] - IDP: add OMR support
  • [ELDOC-326] - IDP: add functionality for processing several (multi-page) documents per one file


  • [ELDOC-390] - IDP: field's confidence level should be set to confidence level of value retrieved by regex only (when regex is in use)
  • [ELDOC-306] - Add clean-up functionality for removing temporary copies of RecoForm's custom preprocessed files
  • [ELDOC-312] - Add handling for cases when two or more RecoFormResults matched with the same confidence level
  • [ELDOC-323] - Implement refactoring for RecoFormAnchorMatcher by splitting its logic into three layers: Document, Page, Field
  • [ELDOC-324] - Add support for storing multiple RecoResults per DocForm (RecoDoc)
  • [ELDOC-378] - IDP: Document conversion: add support for transferring StandardFields values from source document to target document
  • [ELDOC-393] - Add support for UI i18n languages configuration

Bug Fix

  • [ELDOC-388] - Export to CSV got broken
  • [ELDOC-379] - Resolve issue with files download which contain special characters and letters from non-us alphabet
  • [ELDOC-389] - logToFile doesn't work due to regression bug in the underlying application server platform


Backward compatibility changes

Notices on backward compatibility changes

  • This release deprecates "api/v1/docForm" REST API end-point. It will be completely removed in next versions, please stay tuned to our release notes. It is recommended to initiate update of your code to use the next version of the REST API endpoint: "api/v2/docForm". The new version of the REST API provides access to the multiple-document results per processed file.
  • Meanwhile deprecated "api/v1/docForm" REST API will continue work in the backward-compatibility mode by providing access only to the 1st recognized document in the processed file.

New functionality high-lights

The new version elDoc 5.2.0 brings new functionality for multi-document files support and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) support.

1. Multi-document files support

Provides support for files which contain several documents (single or multi-page).

On the UI you will see selector for switching between different documents inside the processed file.

2. OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) support

Provides support for Optical Marks.

From now on elDoc IDP system can handle optical marks in form of check-boxes and bubbles in the documents.

Last modified: December 22, 2020