Release Notes - elDoc - Version v5.8.2

22 February 2023

New Feature

  • [ELDOC-549] - Add document retention settings functionality


  • [ELDOC-646] - FileManager: add water-mark support for office document files
  • [ELDOC-657] - Add functionality for disabling pre-processing scheduler
  • [ELDOC-660] - IDP: Allow to customize max and min skew degree via system parameters
  • [ELDOC-661] - IDP: Remove idp_iterative_threshold advanced property selection by default when Force files preprocessing is enabled (IMPORTANT: Breaking change!)
  • [ELDOC-663] - API: Add support for defining refdocs field value for DocForm API
  • [ELDOC-664] - IDP: Add support for generating PDF-files which are compatible with accessibility features like read-out-loud
  • [ELDOC-665] - API: Add more filtering capabilities for DocForm API

Bug Fix

  • [ELDOC-662] - IDP: Fix error deleting RecoForms in certain usage scenarios

Last modified: February 22, 2023