Release Notes - elDoc - Version v5.4.1

8 August 2021

New Feature

  • [ELDOC-581] - Add tags support on documents
  • [ELDOC-582] - IDP: Add tags support for RecoForms


  • [ELDOC-551] - IDP: Improve table processing functionality in terms of rows capturing


  • [ELDOC-474] - BPM: BpmEngine should properly handle Resolution DocResponse for adjusted stages
  • [ELDOC-572] - IDP: for documents marked for validation during post-processing (or vice versa) respective audit log record is to be added
  • [ELDOC-574] - IDP: add support for regex in keywords
  • [ELDOC-576] - Adjust batch Suspend and Unblock actions for showing cumulative messages instead of per-document action message
  • [ELDOC-580] - Add support for default DB Client

Bug Fix

  • [ELDOC-578] - Users are not added to respective OrgUnits on CSV-import


It is recommended to perform update of database indexes for DocForms, RecoForms and Group entities after upgrading to this version. In order to perform update of indexes navigate to the Configuration page and use respective controls for indexes update. Indexes update procedure recommended to be performed when system is mostly idle.

Last modified: August 08, 2021