Release Notes - elDoc - Version v5.4.0

17 July 2021

New Feature

  • [ELDOC-226] - IDP: provide support for fields post-processing
  • [ELDOC-329] - IDP: add support for multi-page RecoForms
  • [ELDOC-415] - IDP: add support for external OCR engines
  • [ELDOC-556] - IDP: add support for bitap in post-processing


  • [ELDOC-485] - IDP: add post-processing code repository for maintaining shared code
  • [ELDOC-522] - Full-text search should execute search by pressing Enter on input
  • [ELDOC-523] - Recognition data fields should support select by mouse
  • [ELDOC-525] - IDP: optimize RecoForm layout builder UI and UX
  • [ELDOC-527] - IDP: provide a better way for setting-up a date-time format for a date-time fields
  • [ELDOC-534] - Add regex-support for the table fields
  • [ELDOC-535] - IDP: add support for confidence threshold settings for the table columns
  • [ELDOC-536] - DocForm API should use TAGs values for the Table columns when requested with embed=valuesByTags param
  • [ELDOC-537] - IDP: add support for the Custom Field of the Table type in IDP Conversion
  • [ELDOC-538] - Add full support for Custom Fields of type Table on the UI
  • [ELDOC-541] - IDP: optimize tables processing in order to get more accurate results on tables with minor skews
  • [ELDOC-545] - IDP: add Activate and Suspend buttons to the RecoForm page


  • [ELDOC-429] - IDP: add idp_threshold_value advanced property support
  • [ELDOC-542] - IDP: implement enhancements for reco-tester
  • [ELDOC-543] - BPM: Recognition Document workflow should allow to assign the same responsible for post-Recognition and post-Conversion validation
  • [ELDOC-547] - IDP: optimize recognition result handling in terms of retrieving value confidences and thresholds
  • [ELDOC-550] - IDP: align page numbers in the Audit log
  • [ELDOC-553] - Add support for defining SMTP transport params via global settings (eldoc.conf)
  • [ELDOC-557] - IDP: advanced properties should work exactly as defined on the RecoForm and not trigger other properties silently
  • [ELDOC-558] - IDP: Reco-diagnostics should properly handle custom preprocessed machine-generated files on preview
  • [ELDOC-561] - IDP: adjust fields location logic for better handling of extendable fields
  • [ELDOC-563] - IDP: add functionality for defining acceptable number of mistakes for Bitap search string (in regex-based RecoForms)
  • [ELDOC-566] - IDP: add property for ignoring columns
  • [ELDOC-575] - IDP: make keyword-based classification optional and forced only with use of advanced property
  • [ELDOC-577] - IDP: disable form classification based on keywords as default behavior

Bug Fix

  • [ELDOC-207] - "Document list - Process phase" issue with search filter menu
  • [ELDOC-222] - Users CSV import does not properly handle Cyrillic format - WONTFIX: CSV file has to be uploaded in UTF8 encoding
  • [ELDOC-510] - Document automatic number registration doesn't fully support concurrent requests
  • [ELDOC-521] - Users CSV import may fail in certain scenarios
  • [ELDOC-560] - IDP: in some scenarios captured text may come swapped (letters or words direction)
  • [ELDOC-567] - IDP: field post-processing settings are not being saved when enabled on the first edit
  • [ELDOC-569] - IDP: table post-processing should be applied for the whole table instead of per-page fragments

Last modified: August 03, 2021