Release Notes - elDoc - Version v5.0.0

10 May 2020

The new release of the elDoc system v5.0.0 brings the new major functionality called IDP (Intelligent Document Processing).

Now you can process your paper-based scanned documents by submitting them to elDoc for automatic processing by performing image cleaning, normalization, alignment, adding text layer by using OCR, classification of the document type to which the image belongs, and finally data extraction in a structured way.

After document intelligent processing is done - elDoc may either send such document for further processing according to defined Business Process or place it in system's archive and make it available for further integration via API with 3rd party systems, like SAP, MS Nav, etc.

New Feature

  • [ELDOC-182] - Add IDP functionality for documents recognition, classification and processing (OCR + CV)
  • [ELDOC-244] - IDP & Form Recognition: add support for PDF-text based files
  • [ELDOC-224] - IDP & Form Recognition: add support for Tables
  • [ELDOC-238] - IDP & Form Recognition: add support for tables which span across multiple pages
  • [ELDOC-217] - Add functionality for detecting 90, 180, -90 degree rotation of the page and aligning page properly
  • [ELDOC-237] - Add support for RegEx based forms
  • [ELDOC-219] - Add functionality for scale matching
  • [ELDOC-192] - Document validation by user: add functionality for selecting target form (or changing the form in case document was matched with a wrong form)
  • [ELDOC-193] - Add API optimized for RPA Robot
  • [ELDOC-197] - RecoForms: add functionality for showing only active forms (by default) and hiding/unhiding all other forms
  • [ELDOC-198] - RecoForms: add functionality for mass activation / deactivation
  • [ELDOC-199] - Forms management (SysForm): add functionality for showing only active forms on the forms overview and hiding/unhiding the rest of the forms by using checkbox
  • [ELDOC-234] - Add support for defining Custom Properties in the elDoc system
  • [ELDOC-236] - Add functionality for selecting required languages on the RecoForm
  • [ELDOC-239] - Add support for custom RecoForms to be plugged-in via SPI plugin functionality
  • [ELDOC-241] - BPM: implement Recognition Document processing flow
  • [ELDOC-242] - Add functionality for Showing the Original document (not the prepared version)
  • [ELDOC-249] - Add RegEx tester functionality
  • [ELDOC-251] - DocForm REST API: add support for sending document To Archive via API
  • [ELDOC-254] - Add functionality for sending out batch email-notifications on documents pending in Inbox (awaiting processing by process participants)
  • [ELDOC-255] - Add Signature field type


  • [ELDOC-248] - Migrate to PrimeFaces 8.0


  • [ELDOC-231] - Send email via JavaMail by creating Mail Session in elDoc rather then using mail session from container


  • [ELDOC-228] - Error with any actions in the Document Preview window on the Form management page
  • [ELDOC-235] - Error after creating a new SysForm (regression bug due to Mongo Java Driver upgrade to v4.0.0)

Last modified: August 19, 2020