Release Notes - elDoc - Version v5.3.5

21 March 2021

New Feature

  • [ELDOC-477] - Add support for tables export to CSV
  • [ELDOC-484] - Add support for CSV-export for Recognition Documents (including RecoData documents)


  • [ELDOC-480] - CSV-export should support export of selected documents only
  • [ELDOC-486] - Optimize document forms DB-queries to fully support UI lazy-query
  • [ELDOC-494] - Recognition Document: Buttons Previous and Next should support more views


  • [ELDOC-473] - IDP: Conversion sends document to Follow-up (Execution) only, should support other phases as well
  • [ELDOC-476] - IDP: RecoForm settings are not applied on template file upload
  • [ELDOC-478] - Error page should not display any error specific info and instead log error and show Trace ID only
  • [ELDOC-488] - DocForm model should implement CustomFieldAwareModel interface

Bug Fix

  • [ELDOC-493] - IDP: Recognition&classification error processing machine generated PDFs and using image-based anchor search
  • [ELDOC-495] - IDP: Cancel button does not work properly when creating new RecoForm

New functionality high-lights

This release brings several improvements and bug fixes, but also we have completely re-worked CSV-export functionality. Read below about updated CSV-export features.

With this release CSV-export changes its behavior in terms of combining field-values from different documents in the exported result: starting with this release CSV-export functionality combines fields with similar labels in the same columns, assuming that such fields should have the same meaning (even when coming from the different documents). This removes previously set restriction on filtering documents of the same type which was present before and now CSV-export can be applied to all documents available in the view.

We have also added support for tables export in CSV, what is more relevant to the Recognition documents, which may contain tables from the processed scanned document images.

Support of raw Recognition documents was also added so such documents can be exported as well without need to setup a conversion phase for them.

Also what you need to know (as administrator of the system) the system-wide limit was set to 100,000 documents per view available for the export. This system-wide parameter can be changed with help of the ua.eldoc.export.maxdocs JVM-param.

Last modified: March 21, 2021