Release Notes - elDoc - Version v5.1.0

6 August 2020

New Feature

  • [ELDOC-313] - Add support for multi-tenancy (introduces changes to the eldoc.conf file structure)
  • [ELDOC-321] - Add functionality for automatic primary-node election in clustered deployment


  • [ELDOC-230] - Add special characters escaping for the RecoForm names while using them for saving custom pre-processed files in temp
  • [ELDOC-310] - Resolve issue when REST requests get a Cookie in response
  • [ELDOC-316] - Optimize table processing logic
  • [ELDOC-317] - Scale calculation optimization
  • [ELDOC-318] - Offset calculation and axis shift for layout based on identified fields
  • [ELDOC-322] - Various code-optimizations, refactoring and fixes

Bug Fix

  • [ELDOC-319] - Error in the NamePicker when selected directory item doesn't match to the chosen directory

IMPORTANT: backward compatibility changes

Notices on backward compatibility changes

  • Structure of the "eldoc.conf" file has changed in this release. The most recommended way on updating existing config file is to backup existing config and then transfer related parameters to the new version of the "eldoc.conf" file.

Last modified: August 19, 2020