User Guide

elDoc BPM & IDP (Business Process Management & Intelligent Document Processing) System - enterprise level solution (Intelligent Integrated Automated Platform) for intelligent document processing and end-to-end document workflow automation. elDoc comes with powerful Content Management capabilities that are well suited both for small business (starting from 10 users) as well as large corporate enterprises with hundreds of thousands of users located in different geographical locations around the globe.


Archive — repository of documents that have been expired.
Directory — directory of documents in elDoc system which are sorted according to their status.
Document — electronic document in elDoc system which is created using the menu item “Create document” and includes at least the following attributes: document type, initiator name and creation date.
Document delegation — temporary transfer of permissions to perform any action on document to another user.
Full-text Search — document search functionality that runs across all document fields, including its attachments.
File — any file attached to document in elDoc system (e.g. text document, spreadsheet, presentation, picture).
Initiator — user who created and submitted the new document in elDoc system.
Iteration — document resubmission.
User — any registered user in elDoc system.
Resolution — action assigned to Executor by Initiator or Signatory which specifies the nature, form and time of task execution in scope of initiated document.
Repository — repository of actual documents.