Workflow controls

This page describes controls available on the workflows in the elDoc system. Controls are available at various stages of the workflow process based on the defined by administrator rules.

Main controls

Once all required workflow fields are filled, workflow can be sent to the next working phase (according to the assigned process) by pressing the respective button.


Full cycle of process phases is the following: Draft → Approving→ Signing → Execution → Repository → Archive.

Workflow form can be saved for later work by clicking Save as draft button. You can return to this workflow later through the Drafts menu item on the Workflow status page.

Additional controls

Print workflow form

Print barcode

Reminder button - allows to set reminder for the workflow

Delete workflow (available in Draft)

Change workflow form visibility

Attaching additional file-attachments to the workflow form

Additional file-attachments can be attached to the workflow form on the Annexes tab.

  • + Attach files to attach file;
  • Upload to upload files;
  • Cancel to cancel the actions

To delete the uploaded files it is required to press the button 

In case the workflow is already sent to the processing and after the file-attachments were added to the workflow form, the following record will be displayed in the Attachments tab: Document contains annexes, please see the Annexes tab. 

Last modified: April 28, 2023