Workflow creation


Start new workflow

1. Click on the Start workflow menu item in the Main Menu:

2. Select and click on the workflow type you want to create (e.g. Contract). Note that workflows of the same type can be grouped by administrator into directories for more convenient navigation.

3. Newly created workflow form page will be opened.

Workflow form fields

Initiator field (filled automatically during creation) specifies the current user's name.

Created field (filled automatically during creation) displays the date and time when workflow was created. To change the date (in case allowed by documents administrator), click the button  and select required date and time

References field provides ability to attach links to the related workflows in the elDoc system:

  1. click Attach references.
  2. In opened dialog window References to linked documents, select documents and click –ěk.

To remove link from the References field: click Add references and uncheck the document in the dialog window.

Attachments field provides the ability to attach workflow related files such as text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures, etc.
To add the file click +Attach files, in dialog window select required document on your local PC and click Open. The file will be downloaded and link will be added to the Attachments field.

To remove attached to the workflow form document file - click the delete button  on the file.


You can also use drag & drop files for upload into the +Attach files area.


Time required for file uploading may vary based on the file size and network connection speed. Attached file will appear in Attachments field once file has been successfully uploaded.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave or refresh page while file is being uploaded.

Description field may contain comments on workflow (for example, "Please agree the list of goods").

Workflow phases

Assigned processes

Assigned process area displays the phases of the assigned BPM-process and list of persons or groups involved in the process. Process assignment to the workflow as well as appointment of participants list is determined by the documents administrator (more details provided in the Admin Guide). 

In case several processes are assigned to the workflow, process selection area will be shown as follows:

In such case it is required to choose the process and click Assign selected process button.

Process participants selection (Approval and Sign-off phases)

In case it is required to edit / change / supplement the list of participants involved in approval / signing process click  and choose respective user or group of users.

Using the dialog Users selection assign the required users or group to the process phase, as demonstrated below:

Users selection dialog allows you to chose between available directories:

Once process participants are selected, click Ok button. Selected users will appear in the respective process phase. Note: groups are expanded into list of users who are part of the group.


Depending on document type, process phases may vary. Phases: Approving, Signing, Execution may appear in any combinations.

Process participants selection (Follow-up phase)

To assign the users for the Follow-up phase - click button.
In dialog window Resolution edit assign the executor for the document, specify resolution, terms of document execution, add comments (if required) and click Save button.

After pressing Save button respective resolution record will appear in the Follow-up phase area.

Last modified: April 28, 2023