Workflow actions

Resubmitting workflow for processing

In case workflow has been cancelled by the responsible who shall approve or sign-off the document, the document is being returned back to the Initiator for the Initiator to introduce the respective / required changes. In such a case, the Initiator after editing the document has a possibility to re-send the document to the subsequent iteration (to reprocess the document). 

For example, in case the document has been cancelled by the responsible who should have signed-off the document, the following actions will be accessible for the Initiator:  

Document bar-code print

Document reminders

Suspend document processing 

Cancel document processing

Change document access 

Edit document

Send document to work repeatedly

The Initiator has a possibility to edit the document: change the document name, deadline, add or delete users who shall sign-off or execute the respective actions in scope of the document, delete or add new document references, delete or add new files to the document form. 

It is possible to resend the document for the reprocessing (to resend the document to the same phase where the document has been cancelled). In case the document has been approved but has not been signed-off at least by one of the user on the sign-off stage - the document is being resent for the sign-off to all assigned responsible parties. 

Each document reprocessing is logged in the system as each subsequent iteration. 

In order to view the number of iterations of the specific document and approval / sign-off history, it is required to navigate to the field Iteration and pick up the required number of iteration. 

Last modified: April 28, 2023