Delegation is available on the BPM-enabled phases of workflow and allows user to delegate actions to another user in the elDoc system. This page describes how to work with delegation functionality.

Document delegation can be performed either from the Inbox view or from the workflow form page itself. Inbox view allows to perform multiple-delegation of several workflows at once.


Multiple-delegation from the Inbox view will be implemented only for the workflows which allow delegation at their current phase.

To perform delegation:

  1. Locate the Delegate control on the page and start typing the name of the user to whom workflow should be delegated;
  2. Once the respective user is chosen press the Delegate button.

Once workflow is delegated the respective notification will be shown.

After delegation - workflow will be shown in the Inbox of the delegated user. Also in the respective actions tab - action "Delegated to [ name ]" will be shown.

Workflow can be delegated several times with the only condition that delegated user is not present in the workflow process.

Cancellation of delegation is available while workflow still on the same phase and stage at which delegation was performed. Once workflow moves to the another phase or stage - cancellation of delegation will not be available anymore. 

Last modified: April 28, 2023