Groups Administration page accessible via menu: AdministrationGroups.

Button "+Add" adds new group. For detailed information on access rights for editing Group - see Access control and system roles page.

Group page details

Group provides the following editable fields:

  • Group name - has to be a unique name across other groups and organizational units
  • Description - group description
  • Tags - group tags can serve the following purposes in the system:
    - used for dynamic assignment of the workflow participants, when fixed workflow route is used (defined via Workflow designer page);
    - used for default access rights assignment to the document (defined via Forms designer page);
  • Assigned system roles - used for assigning system roles to the group

Users and Roles assignment to the group

In order to assign the role (roles) to the user it is required to add the user to the particular group or several groups. To introduce the changes to the group - enable edit mode. 

Once role (roles) is assigned, user (users) is added to the group - save settings.  

Last modified: June 12, 2023