User profile

Each user in the system has own personal profile where main information about user displayed: photo, email, login in the system (for accounts synchronized with external directories), surname, name, middle name, job title, organizational unit, telephone, information of whether deputy assignment status is enabled or not, and who is assigned to be the deputy in the system of the current user.

Use buttons Edit, Save or Cancel to edit, save or discard changes respectively.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

In order to secure your access to the system you can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA, also called two-factor authentication - 2FA).

For enabling MFA:

  1. Press "Activate" button and scan displayed QR-code with your favorite Authenticator application which supports time-based OTP (using TOTP algorithm).
  2. Once scanned the respective record will be added to your authenticator app. After that - enter the code generated by the app in the respective field and press "Save" button.

For disabling MFA:

  1. Press "Deactivate" button and confirm in the confirmation dialog MFA deactivation.

MFA activation requirement by the system settings

MFA activation can be set to be required by the system administrators. In such case users are redirected to the profile page after successful login into the system and must activate MFA before they are able to access other system functions.

Recommended authenticator applications:

Any authenticator applications which support time-based OTP (TOTP algorithm) can be used for MFA activation. We do recommend applications like the one listed below:

Last modified: April 28, 2023