Deputy duties performing

In case the business user of elDoc system has been set as a deputy in the system, he/she will have the possibility to perform the respective actions in elDoc system on the behalf of the business user who has assigned him/her for this role (deputy). Under such scenario new icon will be displayed in the additional menu of the current business user. 

By clicking the new icon, the current user of elDoc system will have a possibility to switch to the environment (content) of the business user who has assigned him/her to be his/her deputy. In case the current business user has been appointed as a deputy by different users, he/she (the current user) will be having a possibility to chose on behalf of which user he/she (the current user) will be acting. 

After selecting the user on behalf of whom the current business user will be performing actions in the elDoc System, the profile will be switched to the selected user in the additional menu. 

All subsequent actions of deputy will be executed following standard procedures described in this documentation. All actions which have been performed by deputy on the behalf of other business user will be reflected in the user interface of the elDoc system with respective remark, particularly displaying the name of the executor. 

In order to switch back to the environment (content) of the current business user it is required to press the same icon and press "cancel account switch" as illustrated below. 

Last modified: April 28, 2023