CRM administration

AdministrationCRM sub-menu navigates to the CRM administration page. 

Through this window the user has a possibility to add new entry (organization / contact / staff), view, edit or delete the existing record.

In order to edit or delete the existing record - [elAdminCrmRW] role is required.

CRM → Settings tab provides customization settings for CRM functionality. 

CRM Organization Company ID field settings:

  • Company ID is required - marks field as required on save
  • Company ID is unique - marks field as unique and validates it on save
  • Company ID regex pattern - defines regex pattern to be used for validating company ID entry
  • Company ID template hint (displayed on invalid value entry) - provided text in this field will be shown to end-users in case validation of entry fails using regex pattern

Available actions:

  • Bulk Edit - allows to perform bulk change of CRM Organizations, e.g.: adding, removing or defining accesses & permissions.

Last modified: April 28, 2023