Advanced recognition settings

Be default elDoc IDP assumes that input files (images) are provided with average or good scanning quality, as such they are pre-processed with the default settings optimized for processing images of the average quality.

elDoc IDP also allows to process images provided with poor and bad quality (noisy background or color background, twisted and rotated photos of documents, etc.), but such scanned documents may require custom preprocessing settings. For this purpose elDoc IDP provides possibility to define custom parameters per RecoForm so when documents are to be processed with the given RecoForm they are at first place re-pre-processed with custom settings and only after that - IDP will be performed.

This page provides overview of the available advanced settings.

Recognition Form Advanced Settings

Advanced settings are set via the Advanced settings configuration area of the RecoForm.

Advanced settings description

Advanced setting param name

Data type

Default value


Triggers custom
idp_recoform_table_removelinesBooleanfalseEnables functionality for removing lines on the page during tables processing. To be enabled for images with the broken table border lines.
idp_recoform_table_ancundtblusebottomBooleanfalseUse bottom left point of anchor for calculating location of table end.
idp_recoform_use_sourceBooleanfalseSwitches RecoForm to use source image instead of the pre-processed image for the RecoForm processing.
Id of the custom RecoForm which is loaded as plugin.

Enables artifacts removal and sets size of the artifact to be removed during image pre-processing.

Min value: "0x0" (disabled)

Max value: "99x99"

idp_adaptive_thresholdBooleanfalseEnables adaptive thresholding.(plus)

Defines custom thresholding value. When set to 0 - processing of this property will be ignored.

Min value: 0 (disabled)

Max value: 255


If source image resolution is below defined threshold in at least one dimension document will be sent to validation.

Min value: "10x10"

Max value: "99999x99999"

idp_ocr_mode_sparse_textBooleanfalseSets OCR recognition mode to Sparse Text.(plus)
idp_recoform_strict_layoutBooleanfalseEnforces strict template layout for the RecoForm. When this value set to true anchors' positions are used for calculating page scale.
idp_ignore_text_layerBooleanfalseInstructs system to ignore text-layer (if any available, relevant to the PDF files) and enforces document OCR(plus)

*Note: "Triggers custom pre-processing" has the following meaning. System performs documents pre-processing on upload using most common pre-processing parameters. Due to specifics of some documents - generic parameters may not work best for such files, as such advanced settings are required to be defined on the RecoForms for such documents. Processing documents using such short-listed RecoForms with advanced settings marked with "triggers custom pre-processing" - causes system to perform pre-processing of the given document from scratch again, what may affect time required for the whole recognition queue processing.

Switch button "Force files preprocessing by elDoc" on the documents upload (Recognition queue) page enables the following advanced settings to be applied for document pre-processing: idp_ocr_mode_sparse_text, idp_adaptive_threshold, idp_ignore_text_layer