Document form creation

To navigate to document form creation - click on Administration  Forms management →+Add document form.  

New document form will be added to the table with subsequent ID-number and status New.

To configure document form - enable Edit mode and set the required settings. 

  • Document form ID is assigned automatically;
  • Give a name to the document form (e.g. invoice, order, instruction, agreement, statement of work, etc.);

    In case it is required to have document form name also in other languages, the respective fields are to be completed as well.

  • Assign workflow to the document form (in case there are no available workflows setup in elDoc system, follow the steps to set up workflows described in Workflow designer); 

  • Define document folder for the document form if required (where the document form will be located). In case there are no available folders setup in elDoc system, follow the steps to set up folders (values in directories) described in Directories administration.
  • Save the settings once key fields are completed. 


Document form status will be changed automatically from New or Suspended to Active while pressing the Save button.